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With over 181,923 tracks the Audio Network catalogue is the perfect place to find music for your Historical Documentary.

Featuring a range of different genres you will find anything from patriotic & stirring anthems and cinematic/atmospheric orchestra, to nostalgic & elegant strings and epic percussion.

Along with music for docudrama there are also some historical tunes, reflecting the recent interest in recreating the past using dramatization. You will also find some great stuff for War/Military-based documentaries.

From Ancient battles to the Cold War and Modern Warfare, we have a number of available styles that are wide ranging and should provide something to suit most requirements when it comes to TV, film or commercials projects.

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Featured Composer

Luke Richards

Recently Luke has worked on orchestrations for Harry Gregson-Williams and David Buckley's score to the 2010 film 'The Town' and Harry Gregson-Williams's score for 'Unstoppable'.

Read here for more on Luke.


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