Keren Or Tayar

Musica per cinema, TV e pubblicità

Un'artista che utilizza la musica anche come strumento di comunicazione e guarigione.

Cosa c'è dietro la musica

Kéren grew up in a multi-cultural environment influenced by both Western and Eastern music. At the age of seven, Kéren began her musical theater career and learned the guitar as a teenager. After studying at the Berklee College of Music, Kéren moved to the West Coast and recorded her debut EP, Bliss Point with her band, Jungle Fires. Kéren has collaborated with a variety of artists and producers (including working with Steve Hackman) and also tours and performs globally, with symphony orchestras including San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Oregon.  After Kéren's initiation into meditation practices and healing modalities, she began to use her musical skillset to accompany and deepen her practices, working with soundscape design, indigenous/world instruments, singing bowls, synthesis and more.  Kéren continues to explore music and sound as a means for connection, community, discovery, catharsis, and healing. 

Kéren collaborates with artists/producers & performs globally. She also works with soundscape design, world instruments & synthesis, exploring music as a means for connection, discovery & healing.
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