Henry White

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Musica analogica calda e polverosa che combina elementi elettronici e acustici

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Hailing from a small market town in rural North Yorkshire, Henry White and Nathan Feddo’s first musical experiences came through raiding their brothers’ extensive cassette tape collections. After spending their teens playing in bands at their local tennis club pavilion, they decided to move to London to pursue a musical education. After graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2011, they built a recording studio in Dalston, East London, and continued writing music together. Since then, under the name Exmoor Emperor, they have produced and written for artists such as Ama Lou, KAMAUU, Jadu Heart, Kučka and Rationale. Although the impact of acid house, pirate radio, and 90s electronica is always evident, Henry and Nathan’s music has an evolving relationship with these early influences. It is warm, dusty and analogue, combining both electronic and acoustic elements.

La musica di Henry e Nathan ha un rapporto in evoluzione con la acid house, la radio pirata e l'elettronica degli anni '90; è calda, polverosa e analogica e combina elementi elettronici e acustici.
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