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Lauren Henson, the UK singer-songwriter better known by her stage name, Indiana, released her incredibly well received debut album ‘No Romeo’ in 2015. With extensive touring and multiple appearances at Glastonbury, plus appearances on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Indiana has proved equally adept at performing her material live. After her major label deal elapsed, she reignited her creative identity with a new life mantra: “I’m not girlfriend material.” This bold new message resonated on social media, with thousands joining her across her online platforms. It also provided the inspiration for her new album ‘Not Girlfriend Material’. With a new release partner in Audio Network, Indiana is an artist who is not only in control of her destiny, but expressing herself on her own terms.

Lauren Henson, the UK singer-songwriter known as Indiana, has reclaimed her creative identity with a bold new album and mantra ‘Not Girlfriend Material’, and a new release partner in Audio Network.
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